WoT Kit - World of Tanks Kit

What the heck is this?

A tool to run while you are playing World of Tanks that (at this time) parses your battle results files.

Where can I get it?

It's deployed using ClickOnce. You can get it here.

I'm really nervous about installing software, should I use this?

Please move on. This software carries the gaurantee that it works on my machine, not yours. Plus you are going to have to install some stuff you likely don't have already like .NET 4.5 Framework and SQL Compact Edition.

Why are you doing this?

It started with I wanted a way to keep track of how many credits I earned per session and to see which tank earned more credits... It also allows me to play with some newer technologies outside of the workplace.

Can you make it do XYZ?

I'm open to suggestions. Let me know what it is you want. (TODO: How best to reach me?)

I'm having issues... my free beer!

Let me know but, this is free as in gratis but might not be free as in libre.