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Camping - Indian Creek - Washington

6. August 2013 11:55 by Rick Glos in Camping, Life

Went camping for the first time in Washington on the SE side of Mt. Rainier with our friends Matt and his friends Ron and Jen at Indian Creek.  Matt brought his daughter Sydney (2yr) and Ron/Jen brought Lilly (3yr 3mo).  Max is now 2yr 9mo and had great fun with his balance bike and exclaimed many times that, “I love camping”.

Camp sites were nice and spacious under the large trees with a good distance between each site so you didn't feel crowded.  Water access is not so good since there's not really a beach but a muddy shoreline, but it was cool to check it out at dusk to watch the bats eat insects.  We walked over to the resort next door which does have good water access and a rocky beach area.  A boat, motorized or not, would add good activities during the day.  Should’ve brought my bike to check out the trails and ride around the campground.  No showers or bathrooms, just pit toilets and water spigots.  Camp host was very nice.  Fire ban for August meant no campfire or charcoal grilling; a real bummer and will keep me from camping their again – had to cook on camp stove.  All in all a good campground besides the fire ban.

Sadly, I did a poor job of taking pictures and video.

Max and his 2 friends.


Max with the lake in the background.


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