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World of Tanks - Skirmish 18 - Alienware tourney

16. May 2013 12:31 by Rick Glos in Gaming

We (Cap Fast Nation) made it to the finals last weekend of Skirmish 18 out of 64 teams (brackets).  We lost to 3-1 versus Netwarriors but it was a good fight.

5-16-2013 12-22-22 PM

Scored us each 2,000 gold.

5-16-2013 12-23-06 PM

Alienware sponsored a tournament that we made it into the semifinals (brackets) – with a final 8 out of 38 teams.  There we lost a really close one 2-1 versus Scurry Hard, made up of some rude dudes.  It was double-elimination and we couldn’t field enough people the second day in the losers bracket so we forfeited.

5-16-2013 12-30-28 PM

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