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Visual Studio 2012 theme, caps and pending changes window

1. May 2013 11:19 by Rick Glos in Programming

I’ve been living in Visual Studio 2012 for a couple weeks now, finally making the switch from Visual Studio 2010 to Visual Studio 2012 for most of my work and doing the usual stuff of upgrading projects and tools, etc.

Many people have complained about the UI and I’m not normally one to customize but it has been hard.  I find myself having having mental hiccups figuring out which tab is active or why can’t I see xyz in the pending changes window?  My co-worker and I were discussing and came across some good links I wanted to document.

  1. Customizing the theme.

    A really good extension called Color Theme Editor. A good video on how it works.

  2. Getting rid of the all caps.

    It involves the registry, but thankfully there's a way to remove those capitals.

  3. Getting the old pending changes window back.

    I think Pending Changes merits its own window, not being buried in the Team Explorer window.

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