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Google kills Reader

18. March 2013 09:53 by Rick Glos in

Update - May, 8, 2013 - I’ve started using Feedly and so far I am liking it more than I did reader.

I’ve been using Google Reader since 2005 daily and it was one of the founding applications (along with gmail) that me made use Google.  When they added Google Calendar it was a easy to encourage people I know to switch, my wife in particular being on its greatest supporters.  She non-technical, but I see her keep up with feeds via Reader on our living room TV daily.

Last week Google decides to kill it.  Silly.  But now what?

Options I’ve come across to contemplate:

  1. Newsblur

    Interesting article on how they are scaling it up to handle the new demand.  Downside?  Looks like it costs money.

  2. Feedly

    Looks slick. Does it cost anything?

  3. Digg?

    Perhaps promising but as of 2013.03.18 this is vaporware.

  4. Wunderfeed?

    Forget where I got this link. Like digg though, as of 2013.03.18, it's vaporware.

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