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World of Tanks - Skirmish 18 - Alienware tourney

16. May 2013 12:31 by Rick Glos in Gaming

We (Cap Fast Nation) made it to the finals last weekend of Skirmish 18 out of 64 teams (brackets).  We lost to 3-1 versus Netwarriors but it was a good fight.

5-16-2013 12-22-22 PM

Scored us each 2,000 gold.

5-16-2013 12-23-06 PM

Alienware sponsored a tournament that we made it into the semifinals (brackets) – with a final 8 out of 38 teams.  There we lost a really close one 2-1 versus Scurry Hard, made up of some rude dudes.  It was double-elimination and we couldn’t field enough people the second day in the losers bracket so we forfeited.

5-16-2013 12-30-28 PM

World of Tanks Tournaments

1. March 2013 17:34 by Rick Glos in

I’ve been doing some tournaments lately that have turned out well and netted some in-game gold.  WoT is one of the few games (only?) I’ve played where you can earn in-game currency to pay for you monthly subscription fee (2,500 gold per month).

I played in the Ultimate Conquest: Friday Scrimmage tournament and won 1,300 gold (1,000 for first + 50 for each victory).  It was a Friday only tourney that ran like a Soccer-style round-robin-group tournament.

3-1-2013 4-17-23 PM

Then in Ultimate Conquest: Absolute Power 2 tournament that ran daily over almost two weeks, we advanced through a huge deep bracket to take 3rd place overall and win 5,000 gold.

3-1-2013 4-23-53 PM

This plus holding onto Northern Italy on the strategic map (Clan Wars) has been netting us about 12,000 gold per day.

3-1-2013 4-27-18 PM

The next big one is the World of Tanks Classic, Season 2.  If i'm not mistaken, last years winners were flown to Moscow, Russia to fight against winner from other leagues (Europe and Russia).

In addition, a new league, Wargaming Professional eSports League, will be starting soon with a prize pool of 2.5 million dollars, apparently the largest in gaming history, beating out a recent League of Legends tournament.

Good time to be playing tanks.


19. February 2013 07:17 by Rick Glos in

Gone is another PDXLAN.  I’m still recovering from staying up until 4 AM for 3 days in a row.


I did win a prize in the raffle this year.  A mechanical keyboard (Thermaltake KB-MEK007 – $89) and a mouse pad ($29).  I tried the keyboard for about 5 minutes before switching back to my existing keyboard.  The lack of a windows key was apparent in the first few minutes as I tried to open Windows Explorer with Windows+E.  The fact that is was a compact keyboard was also very difficult to overcome.  Mechanical keyboards are supposed to offer better tactile feedback and be ‘faster’.  It certainly is heavier and noisier since you audibly hear each individual keystroke.  I am giving the mouse pad a try.  We shall see.


We also made a Harlem Shake video which is the current internet meme rage.

All signed up for the next PDXLAN 22 on Jul 12-15 2013.

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Week One Impressions

22. December 2011 11:43 by Rick Glos in

I got into the Star Wars beta weekend Nov 25th.  Then was able to play the early access on Dec 14th, 1 week before the official release.

In some aspects its a step forward, like sending your 'pet' off to do crafting or sell items while you continue to play. In others it's a step backwards, no zone-wide invasions or events like Rift/Tabula Rasa and no role switching ala-Rift. It's also... very solo at times, it's just so quest heavy. It is not like going into a corner and pulling mobs in the EQ days. This is not a sandbox and not like SWG at all.  It’s missing some things you come to expect from an MMO – there’s no LFG tool – everyone shouts in zone, etc.

It'll probably come down to folks own personal opinion and play-style. Past MMO experience (pre-WoW days) may skew your love of it but to each his own.  The big complaint amongst our set of gamers is that’s very solo play with grouping up as an afterthought.  You spend so much time in cut-scene animations, which may make if fun for you, but if someone is waiting on you to show up somewhere to do something, they have to wait while you watch those cut-scenes.  I’m currently at level 20, playing a Sith Juggernaught (the Tank class) and I’ve done some fun solo things – get my first light-saber, get my ship (at level 18).  But I have yet to do a group quest with any of my friends.

At this point I’d say it’s a good distraction while waiting for Diablo 3.  And I’m still playing World of Tanks as well.

PDXLAN November 2011

29. September 2011 07:17 by Rick Glos in

I’ve lost count if this is my 6,7 or 8th edition of the PDXLAN I’ve attended.  I do prefer the ones in November as there’s more room and less gimmicky contests.  Our small group has grown from 2 to 3 with the addition of Lute to our gathering.  Then to top it off, my old man is coming into town around that weekend.  Partly to celebrate Max’s 1st birthday and partly to celebrate mine where I hit the supposedly magical number of 40.  Honestly, I stopped counting awhile ago and could care less about what the number is.  I do make it point to celebrate the whole month.  It’s great for excuses like, “sure let me have that additional piece of coffee cake, it’s my birthday month.”

So I bought my Dad a seat at the LAN right behind where the 3 of us are sitting in a row.  Much easier to communicate by turning around to talk instead of trying to talk to someone sitting in your same row.  We have a nice block of seats now.

9-28-2011 9-21-59 AM

I’ve got 10L, the corner seat and my Dad will be adjacent and behind me in 9W, with Matt and Lute right behind him and next to me.  Confused yet?  See the pic above.

9-28-2011 1-11-50 PM

Should be fun and he’ll have to put up with another round of me telling him how great it is to live here and why he should move here.

Red Tails Trailer

31. August 2011 05:16 by Rick Glos in

My old man asked me if I’d seen the trailer for Red Tails a couple days ago.

Amazing what they can do now with CGI.  I can’t help but get excited.  When I watch something like that I can’t help but identify those planes; besides the easily identifiable B-17, there’s Bf 109, Me 262, Spitfire, Hurricane, and P-51 just to name a few.  I can’t remember the name of the restaurant my wife and I went to last week, but the names of those planes roll off my tongue as I was watching it.

As a kid, my Dad would take me to the hobby store on weekends sometimes.  We’d buy 1/72nd scale models of WW2 things – mostly tanks, planes and infantry.  I can remember that store in Crystal Lake, Illinois.  It was stacked floor to ceiling with models and it smelled like old people.  In the back there was a barber shop.  Besides a bunch of boxes they would also have the glass case of finished models – all painted and complete.  Man that brings back memories.

As I get older, I think about some of this stuff.  To this day I am drawn towards WW2 related things.  I just purchased a game called Panzer Corps, basically a recreation of the game I played 17 years ago, Panzer General.


I’ve also been playing Company of Heroes on and off for the past 4 years including the excellent Blitzkrieg Mod which breathed new life into the game.


It’s been awhile but it’s also in line with Eastern Front, a turn-based, pixel looking game I played 20 years ago. 


And I also shouldn’t forget the flight simulation type games I played 20 years ago like Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe.


I could keep going… My poor son Max, wait until I introduce him to this stuff!

Rift - Alsbeth downed

24. August 2011 13:46 by Rick Glos in

We downed Alsbeth in River of Souls (RoS) last night!  She dropped a mage relic (screenshot|item) as well which went to Ravs.  We also earned an achievement.  I’m currently carrying a staff dropped from one of the bosses in Greenscale’s Blight (GSB) – here’s the comparison

Feels rewarding to have cleared GSB and RoS content.

DPS Analysis - Rift

8. July 2011 18:01 by Rick Glos in

Doing some analysis and looking for a place to log it.  My web log (blog) seemed like a good spot.  If you’re not into this please disregard.


This test is using this SC/Ele spec.  Considered an excellent AoE spec at this time, this test looks at single target (ST) damage over a 3 minute period on a target dummy.

This is as of patch 1.3 and done 2011.07.08.  No buffs of any kind except the two the I can cast, Stone Armor and Synergize.

My stats are Spell Power 964 and Spell Crit 572.

1st test – 899.71

2nd test is turning off Electrify buff on the Greater Air Elemental to test a theory – 875.66


Rotation in both tests.

Start up

  1. 5x Pillaging Stone
  2. 1x Raging Storm
  3. 1x Ice Shear
  4. 1x Lightning Strike
  5. Static Flux
  6. Static Discharge
  7. Intensify Elements
  8. 4x Cloudburst


  1. 1x Thunderbolt
  2. 1x Lightning Strike
  3. If at 80% charge, toggle Static Flux on
  4. 5x Cloudburst
  5. If Static Flux on, toggle off

During Rotation when Static Discharge and Intensify Elements come up again, hit them just like on step 5 of the start up rotation.

Here’s my stats for this test.  Mainly we are concerned with the 964 Spell Power and 572 Spell Crit.

7-8-2011 3-30-29 PM

Here’s the encounter summary for the 1st test.

7-8-2011 5-49-18 PM

The details are here.

You can see the spikes where we are using our cool downs of SF, SD, and IE together.

7-8-2011 5-56-26 PM

The encounter summary for the second test.

7-8-2011 5-51-03 PM

The details are here.

MS-DOS to Windows 7

11. April 2011 11:39 by Rick Glos in

Watched a pretty cool video about a guy who started out with a virtual machine installed with MS-DOS 5.0 and then upgraded it to Windows 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, 95, 98, 98SE, 2000, XP, Vista and finally Windows 7.  Made me feel old for remembering all 12 versions of windows and but nostalgic at the same time.  Being able to play Doom on MS-DOS and still having it work in Windows 7 is incredible.

Running Steam in Windows compatibility mode is not recommended

24. February 2011 16:06 by Rick Glos in

I’m reposting this from a thread buried in a forum that solved my problem with Steam being unable to launch in case the forum goes link dead.

The error from Steam is:

Running Steam in Windows compatibility mode is not recommended. Please remove any Windows compatibility settings for all users under file properties for Steam.exe and restart Steam. Press 'Cancel' to permanently ignore this warning and continue.

This has happened to me personally twice.  I believe the most recent is due to having a game running (downloading the Rift client) and then the machine reboots (due to a Windows Update at 3 AM) and Windows thinks its doing you a favor by marking the program that it needs to be run in compatibility mode since the app either won’t respond to a shutdown request or doesn’t shutdown properly.

Here’s the fix:

  1. Hit start->run->regedit
  2. Go to key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers
  3. Look for a entry with your path to steam.exe
  4. Delete that entry
  5. If you don't find it there try HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers