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Picture dump

20. January 2012 07:15 by Rick Glos in

How can one baby get so messy eating Italian?


Making faces at the camera too eh?  Future actor?  Or maybe just a hambone…



Between XMas and New Years, I drove my car instead of rode the bicycle so I could take Max along.  He’s checking out the free book rack at the Meals on Wheels center while we wait for the coolers of food to be ready.


On Sunday of this week, we got some snowfall outside but it melted in a couple of hours.


Then we got additional snow on Tuesday and it stuck around all day but was melted by Wednesday.


Max and I used the opportunity to go play in the snow his first time and then I helped him build his first snowman.



He got bored of the snowman and walked over to the other side of the driveway where he could play with the lavender bush and get muddy.


ACS50000: There was an error issuing a token.

19. January 2012 09:03 by Rick Glos in

This particularly annoying issue occurs if you are a co-administrator for a Windows Azure Portal and try to access the ACS Management Portal.  This is a typical setup for a company where the company owner creates the Windows Azure Account but probably doesn’t manage the technical details of the implementation, like adding identity providers to a service namespace.

I ran across this issue and customer service couldn’t seem to track down the issue.  Through trial and error I figured out it was because I was a co-administrator.  Then I ran across it as a known issue after much googling.

The error message when trying to access the ACS Management Portal will be as follows:

  • ACS50000: There was an error issuing a token.

The work-around the issue, do the following:

  1. Log into the ACS Management Portal using the user account of the primary service administrator.

  2. Under Administration, click Portal Administrators.

  3. Click Add to add a new portal administrator for the ACS namespace.

  4. For Identity Provider, select Windows Live ID.

  5. For Identity claim type, select http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/ws/2005/05/identity/claims/emailaddress.

  6. For Identity claim value, enter the Windows Live ID of the administrator you would like to add.

  7. Click Save.

This should fix the problem and you can now manage the ACS namespace using the Windows Live ID of the co-administrator.

Developing a Rich Interactive Application Experience by Brian Henderson

13. January 2012 11:44 by Rick Glos in

Notes from a class taken a few years back

Developing a Rich Interactive Application Experience

9 – 10:15

  • Brian Henderson
  • UX Design – not something added later
  • Music notes – blank space just as important
  • Figuring out right way to look at problem not solution
  • Context
    • user
    • user goals
      • words they use
      • methods they use
  • Users –> Collect Stories
    • immerse yourself into their domain / screenshots / demos
    • talk to the right user – end user versus their manager
    • sometimes users don’t know what they want
    • don’t just listen – they often tell you the solution and not the problem
  • Hide complexity
    • discovery becomes part of the reward of learning the application
  • Persona’s – define
  • Think in terms of scenario’s – not features
  • Guidance, Game, Simplicity
    • too many choices, context for UI
    • reward to learning, filling out profile, etc. – a game
    • incentives – badge or reward (e.g. Stackoverflow, Digg)
  • 6 Principles
    • Make it Direct (make it obvious)
    • Keep it lightweight
    • Stay on the page
    • Provide invitations (leaders – lead them along task)
    • Use transitions
    • React immediately