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PDXLAN November 2011

29. September 2011 07:17 by Rick Glos in

I’ve lost count if this is my 6,7 or 8th edition of the PDXLAN I’ve attended.  I do prefer the ones in November as there’s more room and less gimmicky contests.  Our small group has grown from 2 to 3 with the addition of Lute to our gathering.  Then to top it off, my old man is coming into town around that weekend.  Partly to celebrate Max’s 1st birthday and partly to celebrate mine where I hit the supposedly magical number of 40.  Honestly, I stopped counting awhile ago and could care less about what the number is.  I do make it point to celebrate the whole month.  It’s great for excuses like, “sure let me have that additional piece of coffee cake, it’s my birthday month.”

So I bought my Dad a seat at the LAN right behind where the 3 of us are sitting in a row.  Much easier to communicate by turning around to talk instead of trying to talk to someone sitting in your same row.  We have a nice block of seats now.

9-28-2011 9-21-59 AM

I’ve got 10L, the corner seat and my Dad will be adjacent and behind me in 9W, with Matt and Lute right behind him and next to me.  Confused yet?  See the pic above.

9-28-2011 1-11-50 PM

Should be fun and he’ll have to put up with another round of me telling him how great it is to live here and why he should move here.

Pausing a process using PsSuspend from Sysinternals

7. September 2011 09:28 by Rick Glos in

We just received new laptops at work and now we need to migrate our files from one machine to another.  I have a few rather large virtual PC disks that I needed to transfer.  I was using robocopy to transfer the files from one laptop to the other over my home network and noticed some severe latency on my source laptop.  I was trying to do productive work on the source laptop and every mouse click or keystroke seemed to lag one or two seconds making it too painful.

I had already spawned the robocopy process though and it was 20% through moving multiple files and I didn’t want to stop it and restart it.  So, “how do you pause a running process”? A google search landed me on a page that talked about PsSuspend and using it to pause a running process.

I used Process Explorer, another favorite from sysinternals, to identify the process id of the running application to suspend.

9-6-2011 11-05-56 AM

Then using the pssuspend tool I was able to pause the copy so I could work.

9-6-2011 11-24-31 AM

I then later in the day restarted the process.

9-6-2011 12-56-08 PM

You could see in the properties of process in process explorer when the copying started up again that it was copying the file at 2.0 MB per second.

9-6-2011 12-56-23 PM

This could come in handy for all kinds of processes to pause and then restart.