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Sundays are for Farmers Markets

26. June 2011 11:27 by Rick Glos in

Max had his first pancake today.  What a mess he made.


He does seem to enjoy feeding himself though.


We also got a little red wagon for trips to the farmers market and Max fun time.


He’s still a little wobbly.  I towed him about 1/2-way there until we had to go over a curb and he got scared.  Not bad for 7 months though.


The strawberries are in season now at the Farmer’s market.  The best ones too, Hood Strawberries.  We picked up a couple flats plus some cucumbers, tomatoes and artichokes.  May seem like a lot of strawberries but I’m just getting started.  We use them for smoothies during the week all year long.  This past year I ran out about 1/2 way through the year and I think I had about 5 x 1 Gallon frozen bags.  So I’m thinking I need about 10.  We’ll see how many I get out of 2 flats minus the amount we eat.  You have to be quick with these though.  They are meant for great flavor and eating, not transportation or storage.  They were picked today and will go bad in a couple days if you don’t do something with them.


Digging the swing

12. June 2011 10:28 by Rick Glos in

We’ve made it to 7 months.  Starting taking Max to the park by the library and he’s digging the baby swing there.


More here on flickr.  And I also took a vid.