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30. October 2010 19:08 by Rick Glos in

Firewood moved and stacked.  1 full cord.  Ready for gemutlichkeit





My back… lol.

Belly Pictures

8. October 2010 07:32 by Rick Glos in

I guess it’s custom now to take pictures of your belly when you are in the late stages of pregnancy.  I do think it is an amazing process that the woman’s body goes through.  I am not sure us men would handle that very well.

Most of the pictures are your standard Hallmark photo variety.  And my wife looks absolutely beautiful in all of them, even the ones she does not want posted on the internet.  I could not resist being a hambone though about it.  I know pregnancy and raising a child is “serious business” but I do find it therapeutic to release some of my stranger thoughts like, “this little monster is going to come out from his catacombs he created in my wife’s womb and destroy my life!”


Ok now that I’ve released that.  Now we can be serious.

My wife’s friend Kristy Charrion took the photo’s.  She did an awesome job.





From some odd reason, Heidi wanted my ugly mug in a few of the photo’s so I joined her.


Ah the butterfly kiss.


How to enable Silverlight debugging in web application if it somehow stops working

4. October 2010 09:03 by Rick Glos in

I’m posting this because I ran in circles for an hour trying to determine why I suddenly could not debug Silverlight code.

I had set a breakpoint, set the web application as the startup project, and yet it was skipping the breakpoint.

10-4-2010 8-48-30 AM

I tend to lean heavily on source control, and in our case, Team Foundation Server for determining, “what has changed”.  This was working in the past and I didn’t see any files checked out with any changes.

Turns out this setting is kept in your user specific project file.  I don’t remember unchecking this option.

Right click on your Web application project, not the Silverlight project and select Properties.  Then select the Web tab.  On the bottom of that page you’ll see the ‘Debuggers’ checkbox group.  Check Silverlight.

10-4-2010 8-40-26 AM

Apparently this setting is stored in your *.user configuration file for the project.  Here’s what was in the file before.

   1: <SilverlightDebugging>False</SilverlightDebugging>

And now after.  (Note this setting is updated when you close the solution – until then those settings are in memory – helpful to know if you check the box, hit save, and look at the file you will see no change as I did.  VS hasn’t persisted the value yet.)

   1: <SilverlightDebugging>True</SilverlightDebugging>

Now the breakpoint will be hit when we debug.

10-4-2010 8-55-51 AM

My guess is that there was some dialog that popped up and I automatically replied ‘Yes’ which unchecked it for me.  Doing me a favor yes?  Anyway, hope this helps.