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Access your programs using Start in Vista and Windows 7

10. September 2009 15:46 by Rick Glos in

I was watching someone today launch a program in Vista by clicking (with the mouse) Start then All Programs then scroll through the list and try to find the right Program folder… 


This isn’t the first time and I watch people over and over do this.

Don’t do this.  It’s taking you minutes for what could be seconds.  Imagine all the time added up and you might get a week back to your life in just a year…

Built in the Start menu is a very handy search ability.  In fact, you could improve your productivity immensely by not touching your mouse at all.

Simply hit the Windows key, and start typing the name of the program, the website, the filename or whatever you’re looking for.

Imagine I want to launch Excel.  Windows key then two words ‘Ex’ and I get Excel second in the list.  I could then use the down arrow key (remember to keep your hands off your mouse to save you from wasting your life) to highlight Excel and hit the Enter key.  (note I could just type one extra key ‘Exc' and hit enter as well).


Remember.  Start.  Type.  Enter.  Hands off of mouse.


9. September 2009 15:45 by Rick Glos in

My wife asked me today, “where’s safe place to look for software to zip a 26 MB file?”

I think this happens a lot too people that don’t have technical jobs day in and day out.  Where do you go to get software and feel safe that it doesn’t have any malicious or devious intentions when you install it?

Well I don’t have an answer for that.  But if you are look for the best software for packing and unpacking files.  You should be using 7-zip.

It’s open source (read free), it handles multiple formats (zip, tar, rar), it compresses 2-10% better than PKZip and WinZip, it’s easily accessible from the windows shell, etc.

The clean windows shell integration is my favorite feature.  Right click on any file or folder and you have what you need.