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30. January 2009 11:26 by Rick Glos in

I’m probably throwing a stone from my glass house but I couldn’t help but laugh today when I saw this sign in a parking lot out on my ride this morning.

“Good stewards of God’s Earth”

from a sign located in a small patch at the back of a parking lot


Located in this parking lot… 


I’m sure mother nature appreciates being paved over.

Going German

26. January 2009 18:52 by Rick Glos in

A trip across the river on a whim landed us at Edelweiss Deli in SE Portland Saturday afternoon.  Buying all that beer and meat made me hungry.

So that led to eating next door at The Berlin Inn restaurant.  I came in with low expectations but it wowed us.  Genuine, authentic and fresh.  Hit it up if you like German food and hit on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays if you want to brush up on your German.  A German student walked in while we were eating and the owner was conversing in German with him.  I did my best to keep up but only caught enough to make a grade schooler happy.

Then just to make sure we had our fill, it was sausage and beer time Sunday night.  Damn good.



20. January 2009 09:09 by Rick Glos in


Well it was another nerd weekend.  PDXLAN 13,  4 days of gaming 10 AM – 4 AM except for the starting Friday - 6 PM  and the ending Monday 5 PM.  When I left each night around 2 AM there was still a significant number of people in the room still gaming.

I didn’t win anything during the raffle again.  But they gave away some sweet stuff.  the grand prize this time was a custom PC with a custom case and a picture signed by the developers of Legends.

I slept a good 11 hours last night trying to catch up for lost sleep.  When Heidi came home last night I was fast asleep on the couch with a cat curled up on my chest and DVD menu of Chronicles of Riddick looping over and over, I hadn’t made it through the first 5 minutes, but that’s the best part of throwing in a flick you’ve seen multiple times.

Played alot of TF2 on some great new maps, mostly payload but also a balloon race which was interesting.  Call of Duty World at War got some playtime at the beginning, especially since we all got a free copy but I gave up on it eventually.  I’d call it a remake of Counter Strike just in a WW2 environment, add in some EXP gains ala Battlefield with weapon purchasing and configuration.  2 hits and your dead.  Not much fun IMO but quite a few others enjoyed it.

Also saw quite a few folks doing Supreme Commander.  I had purchased the game but never gave it much playtime so I brought it with Sunday, installed it, and had a good time playing it.

Lastly, Starcraft, yes the original one from 10 years ago still lives.  There was even a tournament.  Matt and I played a map and then realized that while it was fun, you can get burned out pretty quick.  Looking forward to Starcraft 2.

PDXLAN 14 is set for July 17-20.  Register here.  I’m at seat 17X.


Roadside assistance - AAA versus BWC

10. January 2009 11:55 by Rick Glos in

I don’t want a phone call from my wife that she’s stuck somewhere out on the highway with a flat tire or her car breaks down.  AAA has given me (and Heidi) good piece of mind and we’ve used it a few times.

But I also don’t want to be giving my money to an organization which actively lobbies car usage and against bike trails, walking trails, oil subsidizing, etc.

I heard about an alternative called Better World Club (wikipedia).

It sounds like a crunchy granola tree hugging Oregon thing to do doesn’t it?  Well, I don’t care.

Since our AAA membership is due we’re going to make the switch.

And it’s not limited to cars.  I’m signing up for the bicycle roadside assistance portion as well.

Bike Porn

8. January 2009 23:37 by Rick Glos in

I finally got around to having my cyclocross bike switched over to a compact chainring.  The hills around here just kill me.  Of course, there were addons...

The chain needed replacing, the brake pads, the rear wheel was built incorrectly so I needed it rebuilt, the hubs overhauled, and $450 bucks later I walk out with a shiny bike.


The highlight though was getting to meet Erik Tonkin in person. 

I'd read about him on the local cycling blogs.  He'd won a WORS race a couple years ago when I first heard of him.  Then he seemed to pop up everywhere, local pro cycling road crits, cyclocross racing in Europe; he even has a bike named after him.

That's how I heard about his shop, Sellwood Cycle Repair.  Only 10 minutes from my house its a damn shame I didn't go there sooner.

I got to lament with him over the lack of local mountain bike trails.  He knows of some secret ones and invited me to check them out in the spring.  I guess there's quite a few XC riders that congregate out of his shop.

He personally did all the work on my bike and is also refitting my grocery getter, so more bike porn photos soon.  He even added some custom touches like cable adjusters for the brakes.


That left me no choice but to take it out for a ride the next day... in the rain.

They need to clean up these streets and I need some easy on/off fenders for that bike.