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Merging Visual Studio Database Edition and Developer Edition

30. September 2008 08:13 by Rick Glos in

Most development shops use Visual Studio Developer Edition … then comes the time when you need to do database work and you are forced to do it outside of Visual Studio because you need schema comparison tools, data comparison tools, data generation tools, modeling tools, etc. 

Visual Studio Database Edition has some of these tools (it still lacks a modeling tool so you’re forced to go with ERWin or ER/Studio) but you have to spend an extra $2500 bucks/developer (let’s not even count the $7,000-10,000 price for Team Suite).  You can get these for far less going directly to a 3rd party vendor like RedGate ~ $1,000/developer. 

Getting information out of Microsoft has been a great pain.  Just check out some other folks sad thread here.

Anyway, as of Oct 1st, they are supposed to be allowing folks who own Developer Edition to use the Database Edition!  Check it out here (quote below in case the link goes dead):

As Microsoft sees it, the roles of the database-centric developer and "regular" developer are less distinct than they once were, so the company is merging its VSTS database and development products. As of October 1, those who belong to the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) and currently own Visual Studio Team System 2008 Development Edition or Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition will receive for free the Visual Studio Team System 2008 Development Edition, Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition, Visual Studio 2005 Team System for Software Developers and Visual Studio 2005 Team System for Database Professionals.

As of this morning, Oct 1st, I do not see the Database Edition available via MSDN Downloads.  Perhaps later in the day it will be available.

Wedding Anniversary at Cannon Beach

21. September 2008 15:42 by Rick Glos in

Since it's our one year wedding anniversary we decided to spend the weekend at the Oregon coast in this town called Cannon Beach.  I haven't been here since Ray and I visited back in 1997.  It's a straight shot from Portland, only about a hour and half drive West.  We came down Saturday and are taking Monday off of work.

This is the view outside from the deck at our hotel room.  I keep telling the wife it's like National Geographic here.  All the birds and the rocks and the ocean...  You've got to come here to see it for yourself.


The seagulls are friendly.  We were eating and drinking wine on the deck and I put a piece of cracker on the railing 1 foot away from where I was sitting.  Next this guy flies right up, eats it, and looks at me for more.  I couldn't believe how close up he was.  We tossed a few in the air and caught them easily.  Better than your dog Fido.  Then a bunch more started circling like vultures so we decided to go have dinner.


We're staying at this nice hotel right downtown called the Waves using a gift certificate from the in-laws.  Everything is in walking distance which is great because when you're on vacation, it seems that everything revolves around your next meal.


So we had some fish and chips and clam chowder at a brew pub and then wandered across the street for a couple beers before calling it a night.  When I hit the bathroom it had this weird poster over the toilet.  I don't get it.  Wilfs is a restaurant in a the train station 90 miles away in downtown Portland.  Am I supposed to be laughing because you might use urinal ice in your cocktails?