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Bicycle Commuter Billboard

21. December 2007 13:35 by Rick Glos in

Spotted this billboard on Broadway yesterday during morning commute.

Bicycle commuter billboard

I like how the bike lock is mounted.  Never thought of using front panniers either.  Maybe a good idea one day.

Legs are shot this week.  Truck needed some major repairs.  Dropped it off on Monday morning and used the bike or bus until picking it up Thursday night.  Figure around 100 miles this week.  Might even be interesting to figure out the # of feet climbed.  Wonder if a GPS unit might help with that?


First time wait while bridge opens for river traffic

19. December 2007 14:04 by Rick Glos in

On the commute home last night I had to wait on one of Portland's several bridges (they have 10), for the first time during my commute, when it opened to let a ship pass beneath it.  The Broadway bridge is almost 100 years old yet it seems fairly new and is one of the main bridges used for bicycle crossings in Portland.  I don't actually recall any annoying alarms going off.  Just a little sign and two gates came down to prevent the crossing.

Gate prevents crossing Broadway Bridge as ship passes under

Ship passes under the Broadway Bridge as cyclist watches

Just before the traffic was allowed to cross, the bridge engineer (?), spoke over a PA system to let you know that he was about to allow crossing again.



Biking video and the marketing group that did it

18. December 2007 14:34 by Rick Glos in

These were great ads.  This one in particular is echoing my behavior lately:



Just listen to the piece and quiet and those beer bottles clinking together.

Heidi and I have starting discussing getting rid of my truck altogether and becoming a 1 car family.  Many things about the commute bother me; from having to pay for the gas you use to drive your vehicle, to the station you have to drive to fill up your vehicle; sitting in the vehicle and growing frustrated with the drivers around you (cause no one drives as good as you of course); the effect you're having on the environment by choosing to drive when there's other options;  if you were on your bike right now you'd be able to burn those calories from that big lunch you had, living a healthier lifestyle and benefiting your mind and body; you could work off those frustrations instead of building them up sitting inside this tin can; on and on...

I've even started to take the bus a couple times to feel it out when I'm not up for the full 40 mile commute.

Even though that's an ad for a Milwaukee, WI company the ad agency is from out here in Portland, OR.; called Wieden+Kennedy.  They have a funny public service announcement they worked on:

mens psa poster


In case you girls feel left out:


Welcome to the new location

15. December 2007 00:32 by Rick Glos in

You made it!  (welcome those of you coming from the old blogger account)

Some technical background if you want to read this next paragraph.

I was able to import all my original posts using BlogML, powershell, and some manual editing of the XML file.  So all the old content you should be able to find.  I wanted to move the blog to my own domain where I had a little more control.  The #1 reason was ease of posting.  Especially images and this blog engine, BlogEngine.NET, allows you to post images directly from within Windows Live Writer.  The source code is hosted on codeplex, which runs on the TFS engine, and access to the source code as well as a source control framework I work with everyday was part of the decision over other engines like SubText and DasBlog (both sourceforge code repositories).

Anyway it took awhile for the move.  I'd say I put in 15 hours of work.  I will put up some helpful tips eventually to those wanting to run this engine on godaddy, getting it setup properly, as well as migrating from blogger.

Anyway.  Glad you made it.